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15 03, 2016

Nothing but Ayurveda in the pot – Cooking show with Volker Mehl

Volker Mehl is a pioneer of ayurvedic/vegan gourmet kitchen for everyone. In the EWAC-show kitchen you will have the possibility to look over Volker Mehl's shoulder to get an exclusive glimpse into the culinary world of Ayurveda.

9 08, 2016

Ayurvedic kitchen – food and medicine – cooking show – Ravidas Korn and Ishwari Thornton

Food has to be digestible. In Ayurveda one understands the art to create an easily digestible, delicious and energizing dish out of raw, indigestible foodstuffs. Thereby the awareness of the food is obtained and transmitted, that is the task of the spices. Be surprised by the diversity, the marvelous smells, the taste and unique digestibility of classical recipes of the ayurvedic kitchen.