Volker Mehl is a pioneer of ayurvedic/vegan gourmet kitchen for everyone. In the EWAC-show kitchen you will have the possibility to look over Volker Mehl’s shoulder to get an exclusive glimpse into the culinary world of Ayurveda.

About Volker:
Born in 1976 in Mannheim, brought up in South Hesse, he lives in Wuppertal by now. After his Abitur he undertook a short excursion to the University Mainz to study Catholic theology. But after one semester and a degree in Hebrew the thougt came to follow another professional path. Looking back this was a very valuable experience, the matter of studying was finally closed. After a detour via training as an insurance broker, in 2006 something clicked within his training as an Ayurveda health advisor. From then on he found his personal and professional truth within and he can follow his two great passions cooking and handling with people every day. You are able to experience this passion in regular cooking courses and work shops throughout Germany.