In this unique workshops the vibrations of singing bowls are transferred via special microphones and speakers troughout the entire room to create a interpenetrating sound experience. The individual asanas are gently accompanied by selected singing bowls. The relaxing effect of the individual Yin Yoga poses (Asanas) is so intensified and can reach through the healing frequencies of the rich overtone singingbowls deep into the fascia. You will experience a feeling of security and safety. Deep letting go and regeneration in the whole organism will happen almost by itself.

Moreover these workshops give the marvelous opportunity to deepen your own Yoga practice.

About Livia Gurkasch:

Triggerd by deep spiritual processes Livia Gurkasch came in the year 2000 through her Yoga practice to different ways of healing. In returning to her musical roots she finally discovered the heeling and deep relaxing power of the singing bowl.

After a classical training in sound massage in the year 2013 she started her activity as a sound massage practitioner. In a pursuing experimental phase in the field of the effect of sounds to the human psyche and physique she developed a synergy of the healing practices of asanas and the transferring of frequencies of singing bowls. Since then she offers sound Yin Yoga as well as restorative Yoga work shops in common activity with other Yoga teachers.

About Elke Schenkmann:

As a Yoga and relaxation teacher (Hatha Yoga, Yin Yoga, meditation etc.) she supports people to connect themselves deeply with their own inwardness and source of power again. To let go the ambition, the comparison and the judgement.

To reach the silence, the loving acceptance and real presence of your true self – the basis for an authentic and powerfully shining life!