Sweating, exertion but lots of fun …

About Katie Dixon:
I first discovered yoga many years ago when it was introduced into the curriculum of my high school, The Dance School of Scotland (I am originally from Edinburgh). Immediately, I noticed a huge difference in my flexibility and reoccurring injuries simply stopped reoccurring.
Over the years yoga floated in and out of my life, the philosophy behind the physical practice also started to interest me. I tried many styles, from Hatha to Bikram. I loved practising yoga in the heat and in 2013 I discovered power vinyasa yoga and was hooked. I completed my teacher training in February 2015 at Hot Power Yoga in London.
I love this style of yoga as it is a great challenging workout for the whole body and there is still a distinct spiritual aspect for me due to the flow of the vinyasa practice and the connection to my breath.
I’ve decided to start Hot Yoga Koblenz in order to share the wonderful benefits of hot yoga with this wonderful community.


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