Ayurveda Scientific Congress

The Scientific Congress of the 2nd European World Ayurveda Congress (EWAC # 2) provides scientists, doctors and therapists as well as professionally interested layman an abundant supply from the world of Ayurveda and holistic alternative medicine. Workshops and presentations of the leading Ayurvedic researchers on topics related to prevention, health maintenance and treatment. Experts from Germany, Europe, the US and India will present the latest research results and invite discussion.

Among the speakers of scientific Ayurveda Congress of EWAC # 2 are already well-known researchers and doctors as:

Prof. Dr. Vasant Lad, Dr. Christian Kessler, Professor Valdis Pirags, Prof. Nagendra, Prof. Mittwede, Prof. Chinmay Pandya, Professor hedge, Dr. A. Chopra, Dr. Mathew, Vinod Verma.

Congress participants also have free access to EWAC # 2 Health Fair.

There, ayurvedic clinics, doctors, therapists and Ayurvedic products producers and distributors present. Ayurvedic companies and institutions from Germany, Europe and around the world can exchange ideas here and conclude new partnerships.

The show opens at 9:30 am, while the conference begins at 10 am.

Health Fair for Ayurveda & Yoga

Experience health with all five senses:

The Health Fair of the 2nd European World Ayurveda Congress (EWAC # 2) brings the entire world of Ayurveda, yoga, healthy eating and fitness together: Be inspired by Ayurvedic cooking shows with Volker flour and Dominique Behringer , try yoga from active, you get a taste of the flavoring or color therapy or simply indulge in a massage.

Lectures and workshops on Ayurveda in daily life will give you insights into healthy nutrition, meditation and movement. Table discussions with celebrities and Ayurvedic professionals will give you the opportunity to ask personal questions about health and wellbeing. Guests can also enjoy a wide range of ayurvedic clinics, therapists and trainers as well as by manufacturers and distributors of ayurvedic and naturopathic products.

The health fair of EWAC # 2 offers the ideal setting to discover the secrets and the diversity of the ancient Indian art of healing and to discover suppliers from Germany, Europe and around the world. Anyone interested in alternative and holistic medicine and health, is guaranteed the right place.

The show opens at 9:30 am

Mantra Concert:

The famous duo Satyaa & Pari has reached with their music world the hearts of countless people. Their songs are an expression of genuine devotion. They combine danceable rhythms, supported by freshness, strength and fire in the heart, with meditative mantra melodies that directly result in itself. Even in the Indian city of yoga in Rishikesh you can hear the music of Satyaa & Pari along the aisle.

As part of the 2nd European World Ayurveda Congress (EWAC # 2) Satyaa & Pari give an inspirational mantra-concert in Germany. Discover the soothing sound of mantras and the fascinating effect of the two artists who know how to make any room vibrate.

Opening 18:30