Dr. med. Harsha Gramminger, Vorsitzende der EUAA

Dr. med. Harsha Gramminger, Vorsitzende der EUAA

Welcome to EWAC#2 – Europe’s largest Ayurveda gathering

I invite you to join me at the 2nd European World Ayurveda Congress (EWAC#2) for several reasons:

Ayurveda offers very rich perspectives and novel approaches for understanding the human body in health, in wellness, health promotion, disease prevention and cure and healing.

Come to EWAC#2 and experience the healing effects on your body and mind of touch, smells, taste, sound and sights as used in Ayurveda and other systems of healing.

Join me in experiencing the power of Yoga and Fitness at different classes.

Learn about integrating Ayurvedic lifestyle in your daily life – from selecting diets to match your body type, about matching and optimising food to your needs, life style and routine that matches you best.

See with me the different stands with all their offering of spices and herbs and organic products and clothes and music and much more.

Come and experience how the five senses can be used as a healing route and to improve and maintain health.
If you are involved with or interested in the world of healing then come and meet and interact with and ask questions and learn from the speakers from around the world.

For the specialists – listen to the latest results of Ayurveda and their effects on curing diseases. Join me in listening to and learning from Ayurveda masters from India and around Europe.

The event will cater to the curious, the novice, the experienced practitioner, students of modern medicine.

Come to EWAC#2 to experience Ayurveda at its best in Europe!

Dr Harsha Gramminger
President of the European Ayurveda Association e.V. (EUAA)