Yoga for Eldery and Sadhana/Abhyasa with Prof. Amândio Figueiredo

About Prof. Amândio Figueiredo:
• He starts Yoga practice in the 60s, along with other arts and Eastern practices.
• He is founder of several associations of Yoga and other Eastern arts.
• He knows the Ayurveda in the 80s, and initiates studies and training in Ayurveda in 2003, getting a training in Ayurveda 4 years, under the guidance of Dr. Jose Rugue (Brazil)
• He travels several times to India, which deepens the knowledge in Ayurveda and Yoga.
• He participates in the preparation of meetings of the EUAA in Germany, being a founding member.
• He is a founding member of several Ayurvedic institutions in Portugal.
• He directs and teaches the discipline of Ayurveda in various Associations in Lisbon and Santarem
• He is the responsible for the Ayurveda Teaching in the School of Health Ribeiro Sanches, Lisbon, Portugal
• He is former teacher of Yoga in the Teacher Course of the Portuguese Yoga Federation
• He exercises the clinical practice of Ayurveda in various centers

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