Yoga mit Jürgen Laske

About Jürgen ‘Adarsh Singh’ Laske:
Jürgen ,Adarsh Singh’ Laske has been Kundalini Yoga teacher since 1999, he had lived and worked for more than 20 years in Asia.
Besides the training as a KY teacher (Level 1 and 2) he attended workshops and advanced trainings. Jürgen instructed Yoga for kids at international schools, in hotels, Yoga for men in sport studios and Yoga for specific cases in his own studio at home in Shanghai and Hong Kong.
Always important to him is that Yoga is not an unworldly acrobatics on the mat but a way to self-awareness and improvement of the presence of body, soul and mind. As director of Bausinger Yogamanufaktur he conveyes the path of Yoga into the business world and serves his clients, suppliers and employees with his expierence as a Yoga teacher.

Bausinger Yogamanufaktur