Yoga mit Shanti Grit Wade

Today we live in a time characterised by a dominant Yang lifestyle with much activity and overstimulation. The consequences are permanent stress, insomnia, digestive problems and the frequent feeling of being burnt out – all together symptoms of a Vata disorder. This again is able to turn the two other Doshas Pitta and Kapha into imbalance. Yin Yoga as a soft and meditative Yogastyle can specifically be used to calm Vata. In this practical workshop several Yin Yoga postures are presented and practised.

About Shanti Grit Wade:

As an extensive experienced Yoga teacher in tradition of Sivananda, instructor at Yoga Vidya, Yoga therapist as well as Yin Yoga teacher (according to Paul Grilley) she has her main focus on the ability to perceive the body in the asanas and to get to know the limitations to practise a healthy Yoga.

Currently she gives a lot of Yin Yoga seminars, she trains Yoga teachers and published an article on this issue in the Yoga Vidya Journal. Moreover she authored the Yoga part in the book by Harsha Gramminger „New Age Ayurveda“ – Band 2. She provides Yoga as a meditation instructor, business Yoga teacher, personal trainer as well as an Ayurveda health advisor to a broad target group.
Seminare bei Yoga Vidya
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