EWAC-Gesundheitsmesse - Vortrag von D. Ay Raphaël Khalef, MA

Jyotish, („the science of Light“ in Sanskrit), or Vedic Astrology, is one of the sister sciences of Ayurveda. In this lecture, based on case studies from clinical practice, we will discover one can identify subtle causes of chronic illness through medical Jyotish, and open new avenues of healing through self-knowledge and practical remedies.

Raphaël Khalef, M.A., D.Ay, has been studying and practicing the Vedic sciences since 1997. A graduate of the Ayurvedic Institute (New Mexico, USA) he trained with Dr Vasant Lad and started his own practice in 2004. Keen on covering all aspects of Ayurveda, he studied Therapeutic Yoga, Jyotish (Vedic Astrology) and Hastha Sanmudrika (Vedic Palmistry) with his teacher Betheyla. He is also trained in Biodynamic Cranio-sacral techniques and specializes in Digestive issues, Sleep disorders and Nervous System treatment. Since 2009, Raphaël has been focusing on his work as a Jyotishi, a practitioner of Vedic Astrology and Medical Astrology, giving consultations worldwide and helping individuals align their life-force with their intended Dharma or Life Purpose . He now resides in France, ready to offer his insights and passion for healing to all individuals who wish to bring the Ayur and Jyotir Vidya ( the science of Ayurveda and Vedic astrology ) into their lives.