A joyfull Yoga unit to the fullness of life. Hatha Yoga and Flow elements accentuated and accompanied by Mantras & live music.

Since 2009 Kai Treude leads Mantra Yoga lessons as a Yoga teacher und musician and is on the way in various Yoga centres and on Yoga festivals around Germany, Austria and Switzerland. A Mantra Yoga lesson is based on a classical Yoga lesson in Sivananda tradition and is extended with Flows and breathing techniques. Each lesson is dedicated to an issue and is accentuated with corresponding Mantras, songs & lyrics. In this atmosphere it is quite simple to let fall physical, emotional or energetic tensions and to enjoy the respective Asanas (postures) with ease.

About Kai Treude:
Grown up in Japan he early came in contact with a diversity of spiritual and cultural life plans. The blend of Japanese Buddhism, Christianity and Shintoismus, which he experienced there as a child, gave him a natural integral understanding of life and spirituality as well as the experiences and encounters later on his travels. This today enters into his everyday life, his vegetable cooking and particularly into his Yoga lessons and music. Since 2000 he has been working as a cook, since 2008 he has been a firm part of one of the biggest wholefood cuisines in Europe. He heartily teaches Yoga and as a Yoga teacher (BYVG) and cook he can be met on diverse events, trainings and retreats. Since 2015 he has been conducting one-week vegan cooking trainings with certification and moreover he is Ayurveda lecturer at a raw food nutritionist training in Berlin.