Raw! Gesund und fit mit Superfoods und im Rhythmus des Ayurveda. Vortrag von Kirstin Knufmann

Enjoy consciously and awake new energy! With delicious raw-vegan tasting.

About Kirstin Knufmann:
Kirstin Knufmann photographer, author and pioneer of raw food, lived a long time in Barcelona, New York and Los Angeles and worked there as a fashion and celebrity fotographer for renowned magazines and projects.
As a child she got to know and appreciate sustainable cultivation of fruits, vegetables and herbs on the farm of her grandparents. Since then she dealt with healthy nutrition and soon changed to vegan later to raw-vegan food.
Meanwhile she is head of a company, specialised in producing and trading raw-vegan food. She publishes on that topic and is a popular speaker.
She not only processes “seaweed” in delicious recipes but sees these as a future topic in the field of nutrition.