Acidosis, toxin accumulation, improper functioning of doshas (biological energies found throughout the human body according to ayurveda) is considered to be major cause of most of the disorders, and accumulation of any of these toxins in any part of our body can lead to a disease of that area. By stimulating marma points these toxins can be flushed away from the lodged areas and thus correction happens. Stimulating marma points can be done in numerous ways either touch, pat, pressure, hot or cold pack, massage, external applications, needling and much more, this is decided according to the site, severity and time.
To combine the scope of marma in day to day life, the best medium is Sports or exercise. Add a sports or exercise in your life schedule and manage your disease or stay healthy. At the session Experience a few and find the best for you.

Über Dr. Yadav K. Mohan:
Ich bin Dr. Yadav K. Mohan und komme aus einer traditionellen ayurvedischen Familie in Kerala. Ich habe an der Universität in Kerala meinen Abschluß als Ayurveda Arzt gemacht und habe mich am Apollo Krankenhaus in Sportrehabilitation spezialisiert. Außerdem bin ich in Marma- und Massagewissenschaften ausgebildet. Momentan praktiziere ich als Arzt für Ayurveda Sportmedizin.

Yadav K. Mohan

This menu item is held in English and will be translated into German if asked to.