To be in the heart, to live in the heart, to be guided by ones intuition is something very natural and kids exemplify this. They are in the heart, follow their feelings, follow their intuition and are just happy.
In this lecture you get an instruction how to strengthen your heart energy.

About Nguyên Thi Thiêt:
I am Nguyên Thi Thiêt, founder of the Institut for holistic VinaMa®.
Because of having Polio, my interest in curative treatments began very early and I learnt various alternative treatment methods.
I worked in several health facilities in Germany and I look back on more than 40 years of experience. For me the easy to learn, quick and painless applicable VinaMa® is the most effective method. Since 2002 I have been managing the first German institution for holistic VinaMa® in Bonn, which offers courses and trainings throughout Europe.