EWAC-Gesundheitsmesse - Vortrag von Janina Lakhal

This essential lifestyle ensures that you right occur in your life. Wether you practise Yoga, celebrate meditation or do your job. Essential oils of authentic quality flow into your life, awake you, inspire you and set you free. In this lecture we present essential drops and ancient knowledge about the intelligent vitality of nature. Furthermore you will have the possibility to get concrete indications by an effective handheld scanner which oil is now exactly the right one for you.

About Janina Lakhal:
Janina Lakhal, AromaFreestyle expert and trainer for AromaHeros. As a product manager in the IT sector she had learned to be successful for others. As founder of the enterprise „Reichtum Leben“ and initiator of Aromafreestyles she now finds herself in all areas of her life and shares the enthusiasm for intensively lived life with all those who choose the motto: „all me, all my life – richness life“. With acumen, vision and deep scan she identifies ones real potential and teaches how to succeed in life until you know who you really are, do what you love and experience true richness.

Janina Lakhal – Reichtum Leben