EWAC-Gesundheitsmesse - Vortrag von Dr. Manoj Samantaray

The goal of this lecture is to give the audience an understanding of ayurvedic basics, so that they can implement these in their everyday life. Dr. Samantaray will explain how to prevent diseases with the help of Ayurveda, how to maintain a healthy life and last but not least strengthen the immune system.

About Vadiya Dr. Manoj Samantaray, M.D. (Ayu), PhD:
• More than 15 years extensive experience in diagnosis and pharmacy
• Expert in Nadi Pareeksha und Panchakarma
• Has contributed to more than 20 recipes from Sri Sri Ayurveda
• Postgraduated in Ayurveda pharmaceuticals at S.D.M University India
• Graduated as a doctor in Ayurveda pharmaceuticals (P.h.D) at Utcal University India

Sri Sri Ayurveda

This menu item is held in English.