Dr. Chinmay Pandya

Dr. Chinmay Pandya is Pro Vice Chancellor of Dev Sanskriti Vishwavidyalaya University (DSVV). He completed his medical training in India and the United Kingdom, where he gained the Membership of the Royal College of Psychiatrists (MRCPsych).


In London, he rose through the ranks of the British National Health Service and secured the post of Associate Specialist at the Older People Services, West London Mental Health Trust. In this capacity, he managed patients with multiple psychiatric disorders, focusing on the treatment of the dementia due to Alzheimer’s disease. He returned to the India and DSVV in 2010, following an inner calling.

Today, Dr. Pandya occupies multiple roles in the life of his University. He is Editor of the Dev Sanskriti, an Interdisciplinary International Journal that addresses a broad range of Hindu-related intellectual interests including Vedic philosophy, culture, psychology, journalism and mass communication, education, Ayurveda, Indian and oriental studies and religious studies. He is the Director of DSVV’s School of Yoga and Health, a department that analyses and advances the scientific and philosophical understanding of Meditation and Stress Management.

He is Chairperson of the International Festival of Yoga, Culture and Spirituality and has convened more than 30 other national and international colloquia at the DSVV on issues ranging from the rights of indigenous peoples to water desalination. He is responsible for ethos, academic rigour, and policy implementation at the DSVV. Alongside this, he continues a busy psychiatric practice, on a pro bono basis.