Associate Professor, Clinic of Gastroenterology, Faculty of Medicine, Nephrology and Surgery, Vilnius University; Lecturer, Ayurvedic Academy Lithuania


This lecture focuses on review and analysis of facts from scientific databases concerning evidence based Ayurvedic concepts of health, diseases pathogenesis and treatment.

Nowadays we already have data, that differentiates between various types of Prakriti correlating with different physiological responses to various stimuli, blood biochemistry and genes polymorphism, methabolism in hepatic enzyme system.

There are clinical studies, demonstrating efficacy of Ayurvedic treatment alone or in combination with modern medicine in different types of diseases. There are lists of studies objectively showing positive results of panchakarma in different pathological conditions.

Ayurvedic ideas about connection of body and mind are in parallel with modern science discoveries on mind’s impact on nervous, endocrine and hormons systems of the body. Modern scientific studies show the positive influence of meditation and yoga in functional and organic diseases. Evidence based Ayurveda working together with modern medicine is a promising perspective of integrative medicine.