Final degree as industrial engineer / college of higher education (Cologne)
Studies of macroeconomics (Augsburg & FfM), Studies of human medicine (University Hamburg und Chicago), 1986 final degree in human medicine (University Hamburg)
3 years Ayurvedic studies with Prof. Debnath of the Ayurvedic Roy State College (Kolkata / India), Studies and practice of various forms of meditation (Osho Commune in  Pune / India),
assistant MD in Italy and additional education in of psychotherapy, education in ayurvedic Yoga and massage techniques following K. Modak Studies of different CAM methods.
Since 2000 independent Ayurvedic surgery and clinic in Germany, director and professor of education in Ayurveda at the Euroved-Academy, since 2007 President of the EUAA (European Ayurveda
Association e.V.) and Vice-president of ANME e.V. (Association for Natural Medicine Europe).
Author of the popular book trilogy “New Age Ayurveda”
(Basics, My Handbook, My cookbook).


–  The integration of spirituality into a German GP practice from childhood to old age –

There are a lot of theories about where a disease comes from and how it is possible to cure diverse diseases, even very serious ones such as e.g. Malaria, Meningitis, HIV, Tuberculosis etc..

Of course the academic medicine mainly resorts to the conventional healing methods which include inter alia chemo therapy, surgery, certain drugs etc. which may influence our body balance significantly.

But there is another theory about the development of disease, which is: The disease starts with a simple thought, which – over a certain period repeated – will cause a certain reaction in the body. In case of positive thoughts this will surely be a positive bodily reaction; in case of negative thoughts our system reacts with a higher vulnerability and opens up all doors for etiologic agents of all kinds. If this process is not controlled any more we will – sooner or later – develop a recognizable disease, we cannot reach balance any more.
Therefore it is very important, that the normal patient learns to live in the “here and now” and to clear his screen from negative input. Then doshas will be in balance again, dhatus will be build up, srotas will be cleared, waste products will be properly eliminated.

Methods to show the patient and to integrate in German GP practice:
Pranayama, Meditation, Yoga.

Yoga and Meditation, regularly practiced, can be a very preventive step in the preservation of one’s health, be it children or old man.
The lecture shows diverse practical cases out of the daily routine in a German GP practice, such as a high sensibility for infections of a 3-year-old child, Acne problems of the typical recalcitrant teenager, depressions of the middle – aged 44 – year – old ex – manager, who lost interest in life and its energetic flow.
All cases originate from Dr. Gramminger’s daily routine as an Ayurvedic doctor and include treatment approach regarding herbal remedies as well as – mainly – approaches in lifestyle change regarding sports, meditation. Yoga, pranayama and a certain dosha – adequate nutrition, which effuse of the entire spiritual attitude of the concerned patient.