EWAC-Gesundheitscongress-Vortrag von Heidi Ulfig -Baleari

The lecture describes the importance of sufficient water supply for our body and metabolism, describes the different purification systems and leads us to vitalizing/energizing of water.

Life evolved from water. The human body consists of about 75 % of water. For our metabolism we need day by day good pure water. In this lecture we learn more about the fascination of water and its phenomena. Be curious. Water is our elixir of life. Thats why it should be the best…

About Heidi Ulfig:
Heidi Ulfig, founder of the company Baleari. For 16 years we are working with Lekra water vitalizers for high energized, noticeably revitalized water.

baleari – lebendiges Wasser – vitale Energie