Ayurvedic Herbs and Spices as Remedies with Dr. Vinod Verma

Prevention and healing of disorders with simple means from ayurveda:
This lecture is all about simple concepts for healing with plants, which
are being used as food and spices in the ayurvedic kitchen.

The joy of eating is the supreme commandment of the ayurvedic
recommendation for nutrition.

When nutrition is being harmonised with the individual dosha
constitution of a person, the six flavours are bestowing a special role.
Especially herbs and spices are adopting an important place. Their
phytochemicals are not only enriching the multitude of flavours, they
are also an important protective factor against the incidence of
diseases. Furthermore the phytochemicals appear to be stimulating the
etheric level of the human organism. The vitality of food is being
expressed through the vital substances of plants.

This big knowledge of the healing power and its ability to harmonise
food is my approach to popularise this world with all senses and
practical doing for people who are interested through spice seminars and
herb excursions.

About Karin Schuller:
As an ayurvedic nutritionist and ayurvedic cook I follow my vocation
through consulting and cooking. I love to share my love for ayurveda
with other people. My wish is that nutrition and the preparation of food
are getting an important role in the daily routine. I like to introduce
the ayurvedic kitchen in workshops and seminars with seasonal and
regional ingredients and I like to give lectures and practical
instructions for an insight into this true-to-life and topical health